School Methodology

Classroom Methodology:

Our teaching approach is communicative, with an emphasis on speaking Spanish, not just memorizing grammar. You’ll apply what you learn out on the streets of Buenos Aires or any other Spanish speaking countries.

Our Spanish teachers are more than just teachers. They can also be your cultural advisor, mentor, interpreter, shopping buddy, tour guide, or just your friend. We encourage our teachers to assist students, not only with learning Spanish, but in all aspects of their immersion experience in Argentina. We prefer to work with two teachers per course, which is why our Spanish classes are dynamic and diverse.
We believe that the background of two different teachers brings a different perspective to every student in the course. Plus, teamwork allows teachers to better evaluate the progress of the students and personalize the program even more.

We choose to create small groups so that students receive personalized attention from their teachers. This generates an interactive, warm, and relaxed environment that results in highly effective classes. We also offer individual courses for those seeking an even more customized approach.

We like to include songs, newspaper articles, and video clips, because as well as being fun, they are a good complement to activate what we formally learn in class.

We strive to enrich your cultural experience so that you can relate to the “porteños” of Buenos Aires and other Spanish speakers.